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#tbt – DIY Knitted Ewok Hoods

Have you ever undertaken a DIY project that was really out of your reach? But by the end of it had surprised yourself with what you accomplished? That project for me was two knitted Ewok hoods for my sister and I for our cousin’s Comic Con Themed Pre-Wedding Social:


While I didn’t take pictures of the process – here is the finished result, not too shabby if I say so myself!

What made this project on the easier side is explained in the steps below:

  1. I loom knit each side of the hood as a rectangle panel, so in total I had 4 rectangle panels (2 for each hood).
  2. I attached the panels together by 2 sides, and used a yarn needle (my knitting skills are not amazing by any stretch of the imagination)
  3. For the ears, I essentially knit 4 brown squares, and pinched each of them in the middle and put a few stitches in so it would seem more “ear-like”
  4. I attached a button using embroidery thread to the bottom right of the hood, and we were easily able to thread the button through the stiches on the other side, easily keeping them on our heads as we danced while also giving us the option to wear the hood down!

This was honestly one of the most DAUNTING tasks I’ve overtaken, and I haven’t touched my knitting loom since (and the social was in April!), but I am hoping I can do other similar projects in the future!

What DIY task have you undertaken that was just WAY too much? Let me know in the comments!

Amanda xo

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