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Pregnancy pet peeve: leg cramps.

Making my way through my second trimester, my nausea is completely gone and my energy is (somewhat) back to normal, with the help of my chiropractor my muscle pain is at a minimum but a new pregnancy side effect has come on:

Leg cramps. 

That’s right, the wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-in-horrible-pain leg cramps have started in the last couple weeks – and it sucks. Nothing kills a good, restful night’s sleep quicker than leg cramps that make you jump out of bed in tears! Then the cramp itself goes away, but you’re left with a very tender leg that isn’t too keen on bearing weight!

One morning after a leg-cramp ridden night, being lazy in bed with Bomber.

Before you go telling me what I can do to stop them – I have increased my potassium, calcium and water intake, and we’re pretty sure it isn’t a magnesium problem. My doctor and mum just think my main problem is I was in pretty good shape before my pregnancy, and my body is resisting the weight gain I’m going through. It makes sense, this is the largest change my body has gone through since hitting puberty in my teens, so I understand my body’s frustration.

One bonus, is Jared has been giving me calf massages 🙂 definitely makes it easier to get comfortable after a leg cramp strikes that’s for sure! For now I’ll just keep on trying to prevent them with my diet and continue with my stretches and calf rubs from Jared!

One night before going out with friends, having a pretty good leg day – it was not a good leg night after that! 😦

One day, when my unborn child is about to have their own child, or being supportive of their partner having a child, I’m going to refer them to this Pregnant Diaries blog series I wrote during my first pregnancy! As much as I’m going to have all of the love and support for them, I can guarantee you I will have forgotten the hard parts of pregnancy (as everyone keeps telling me will happen), and they’ll know how uncomfortable I was growing them!

Mamas! How have you conquered your legs cramps! Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda xo.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy pet peeve: leg cramps.

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