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Pregnant Diaries – SAMPLES!

Hey Mamas! One of the first thing I was told by other mothers when I announced that I was pregnant is that I had to sign up for companies to send me samples! I’m in my 38th week now and a lot of my samples have come in! So I wanted to give you a round up of places that Canadian Mothers and Mothers-to-be can sign up for samples and coupons!

Now I will note that I plan on exclusively breastfeeding, but I still signed up for samples of baby formula, because in the event that it doesn’t go the way I’ve planned and I need an emergency fix, I will already have these in my cupboard.

Similac Club

In this box:

  • two different types of powder formula
  • four bottles of liquid formula (with one nipple)
  • three rebate cheques
  • information on feeding your baby

Enfamil Family Beginnings 

In this box:

  • Coupons for various baby products
  • Sample size of Sudocrem diaper cream (+ information)
  • Copy of Your New Baby magazine
  • 10 single serve packets of powder formula
  • Sample size of Aleva Naturals Bottle & Dish Soap (+ information)
  • Welcome letter with Enfamil coupons

Nestle Baby Program

In this box:

  • Nuk Bottle
  • Sample Size Cetaphil Baby Lotion
  • 4-pack of Good Start 1 – Ready to Feed Formula (+ 1 nipple)
  • 2 Newborn Huggies Little Snugglers with coupon
  • Various Coupons
  • Baby’s First Feeding Guide

Thyme Maternity “Bump” Card

I signed up for this benefits card when I was in store looking for some maternity items (dresses and underwear mostly), and received a sample pack which included:

  • various coupons (some directly motherhood, some not)
  • Avent Bottle
  • Sample Size of Thyme’s Stretch Mark Cream
  • Tide Pods Sample with coupons (which I gave away because I have scent allergies)
  • Thyme Maternity magazine and some current promotions

Some places I have signed up for coupons and samples:

You can Call Aveeno Canada and request Coupons at 1-800-361-8068 (read about my wonderful Customer Service Experience with Aveeno HERE.

Parent Life Network – has giveaway and deals on regularly including the Canada’s Luckiest Baby contest.

Fisher Price

Babies R Us Rewards Card

Ones I didn’t sign up for but are available




My advise: If there are brands your family LOVES, check out their website and see what they offer for coupons, rewards cards and samples! You never know what you could get if you don’t try!

Have I missed any big ones? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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