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New Mum Files – Essentials for Cloth Diapering

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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I cloth diaper and cloth wipe Baby G and I LOVE IT!

While my son is only a few months old, cloth diapering is one of those things that you have to dive fully into, and you get the idea of what’s up pretty quickly. Here are MY essentials for cloth diapering, and some tips for someone who may be considering diving into it.

1. A Baby


Obviously! You cannot dive into the world of cloth diapering without a baby in diapers, or one on the way.

2. At least 20-25 cloth diaper shells (the outside)


WEEKLY SALE! 20 Newborn Mom Label Pure & Natural (0-15 Months) Cloth Diapers+20 BAMBOO Inserts

In my experience, this will mean you are washing diapers roughly every other day, but you really don’t want to leave them much longer than that. My boy is currently rocking the KaWaii Baby Diapers above that were purchased off of Amazon, and is growing into used diapers that I bought from mothers in my area.

TIP: Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out your local Cloth Diapering groups on Facebook where you’ll find used diapers on sale, tips from seasoned mothers and support when you need it!

3. 40-50 inserts (the inside)


Alva Baby 5-Layer Charcoal Bamboo Inserts Reusable Liners for Cloth Diapers 12pcs 12ZTN-CA

The major difference between cloth diapers and disposables is that most fabrics just don’t absorb as much pee as the gel in a disposable diaper, meaning you are more susceptible to leaking. Depending on the inserts you have for your diapers, you may need to double up, I’d suggest definitely doubling up overnight! Otherwise you’ll be up more often with your little one.

I like these bamboo liners, which I wrap in muslin (which I inherited from my mum from when I was in cloth diapers) for the overnight diapers. They are bulkier, but we do not have as much leaking.

4. A good diaper pail/bucket


Mistral® 24 L Multi-Purpose Can – Metallic Brown

While some mothers swear by wet bags to store their dirty diapers, I swear by a bucket in my bathroom filled with water to soak my diapers before the wash. I have had no problems with staining and it helps with the smell!

5. Small wet bags or large ziplock bags for when you are out

Alva Baby 2pcs Travel Wet and Dry Cloth Diapers Wet Bags Waterproof Reusable with Two Zippered Pockets L4243-CA

You need somewhere to put your dirty diapers when you change them while you and your baby are out. As simple as a ziplock bag or as fancy as a wet bag (I have two of these!), it’ll save the rest of your stuff in your diaper bag from getting dirty/wet, and help you cloth diaper 100% of the time!

6. Old Washcloths for wipes

Baby G came out with his mum’s sensitive skin! He reacted to all diapers, wipes and scented detergents (which we were expecting and prepared for!). The only reason I say old washcloths is that they are softer and easier on a baby’s bum than a new rigid washcloth!

All we do is run the cloth under warm water and G is much happier than the cold wipes we were using at first!

7. A Good Washing Routine

I owe majority of my cloth diaper knowledge to my Mum, and a bit of troubleshooting to Fluff Love University, it is a great resource to resolve problems you may have (such as leaking or stinky diapers) as well as finding the right routine for your diapers/washing machine! They also give tips on how to fit each type of diaper to reduce leaking!

8. Wool dryer balls for static and reduce drying time


Wool Dryer Balls, 8-Pack — Natural Fabric Softener — Ecofriendly & Organic — Reusable Dryer Sheets for Infants — Soft and Gentle on Clothes & Skin

Never use dryer sheets with your cloth diapers, they will put a residue on your diapers that will make them less absorbent! Your diapers should smell like nothing, so if you’re worried about them stinking, you may need to change your washing routine. If you’re worried about static, the wool dryer balls will eliminate that without adding any harmful chemicals that will interfere with your diapers.

9. Support

Cloth diapering can be a tasking process, it’s not as simple as throwing out the diaper and buying new boxes every week. As long as they are taken care of properly, it is an one-time expense that saves the budget! Having a husband, wife, partner and other family that supports your journey into cloth diapering, it won’t be so stressful!


⁃ Petroleum jelly based diapers creams may interfere with the absorbency of your diaper! I use Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 444 ml for normal days and Desitin Diaper Rash Paste, 40% Zinc Oxide Maximum Strength 16 oz (Pack of 4) for diaper rashes!

⁃ Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be expensive! Mothers are always selling used diapers on Facebook! Search for local groups!

⁃ If your diapers stink at all, they are not clean! You may need to revamp your washing routine!

⁃ If your baby gets a yeast infection, your normal washing routine may not be enough to rid the diapers of the yeast, check this link for more information.

⁃ Never put dryer sheets in with your diapers! They will interfere with the absorbency!

Mamas! Do you have any tips for cloth diapering? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

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    1. Thanks Bailey! I haven’t tried pre-folds or flats yet but G’s bum is happy so that makes my current routine all good for me! 😁


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