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My Reverse Bucket List

We always seem to post our hopes and dreams, and often don’t take pride in the things we have done! I just wanted to share some of the awesome experiences I’ve had so far in my life 💕

1. Became a Mum

2. Visited 10/13 Canadian Provinces/Territories

3. Travelled to Scotland

4. Travelled to Ireland

5. Travelled to 5 US States (Florida, California, North Dakota, Minnesota and Illinois)

6. Been to Disneyland and Walt Disney World

7. Performed at Disneyland (for high school band)

8. Attended Track and Field Camp

9. Graduated from one of the best Universities in Canada

10. Bought a house

11. Been published (The Xaverian, Thompson Citizen and Prairie Books NOW)

12. Did a boudoir photo shoot

13. Became a dog Mum to an amazing German Shepherd

14. Took up knitting

15. Met: Ken Dryden, Joe Clark, Justin Trudeau, Peter McKay and Elizabeth May (all Canadian politicians)

16. Visited Green Gables

17. Visited Parliament Hill

18. Got two tattoos (so far)

19. Became an Aunty to two fantastic littles

20. Made the plunge and took this blog more seriously, and bought the domain!

What things that you’ve done stick out in your memories?! Let me know in the comments 💕

Until next time,

Amanda, xo.

6 thoughts on “My Reverse Bucket List

    1. It really is such a great practise! So many people focus on the stuff they haven’t achieved and feel as if they are lacking, but we accomplish so much along our journeys!


  1. I love that Scotland is on that list. You’ve achieved a lot & I like the idea of the reversed bucket list. We sometimes overlook everything we’ve achieved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My Grandparents immigrated from Prestwick to where we are now in Canada 🙂 I’ve been to Scotland twice and hope to take Jared and Baby G there soon! 💕


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