New Mum Files

New Mum Files – Early Motherhood Regrets

Don’t take the title of this post to mean that so regret becoming a mother, because I definitely do not! G is my world and sometimes I’ve wondered why I waited until I was 28 to get pregnant, but then I remember that G was meant for me and he came into my life when he was meant to, this post is more about things I wish I had done while I was pregnant and in G’s first few weeks at home!

1. Weekly Belly Measurements

Do you know how many people suggested to me that I take my own belly measurements? Sure they measured my uterus and took my weight (which I wrongly obsessed over) at my OB appointments, but I never took a single measurement of my belly size around! As much as I wrote about my pregnancy, I didn’t document it the way I thought I would.

2. Maternity/Newborn Pictures

Money was tight. I prioritized other things. I wasn’t overly motivated to leave my house at first. I do regret that pretty much every picture of G was taken on our phones. Some of them are great pictures and I am extremely proud of what I have been able to pull off with my iPhone! I hope to get family pictures done soon, but the budget will have to allow it!

3. Recording my thoughts in those early days

It feels as if G is all of a sudden over 3 months old and I have no idea where the time went! I also feel like part of that time was a blur of no sleep, feedings, diaper changes and abdomen pain! Luckily, Jared bought me a great memory book where I put a line a week about our highlights with G every week for 5 years! It is a no pressure way to record things that we want to remember for G, and a great way to see how our lives change year by year 🙂

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4. Napping when G napped

The number one piece of advise that I received leading up to G being born was to nap when he napped. It was also the number one thing that I completely ignored. I was too focused on being part of the day that I refused to nap when he napped. 3 months in I still struggle with taking time for myself. As soon as G falls asleep for nap or for bedtime, I instantly go into a mode where I start doing housework, and I don’t always take time for myself! I need to work on that!

What sort of things do YOU regret from when you brought your little(s) Home? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo

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