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My Favourite Things – Doctor Who

I know that I don’t flaunt my Whovian side on my blog very often, but I LOVE Doctor Who!

Now, I will admit. I am a little behind on current episodes, because I didn’t cling on to the Twelfth Doctor AT ALL. My plan is to catch up and watch the Thirteenth Doctor, as I think she seems really interesting! A woman as the Doctor?! It’s not something I ever considered, but I’m excited to see the direction the show takes!

Doctor Who is a big part of my family

Everyone in my immediate family LOVES Doctor Who, it is a family activity for us. We watch the Christmas episodes together (except for this year, too disorganized), we buy each other Doctor Who merchandise, and we play jokes on each other based on our likes and dislikes on the show. My brother bought a HUMONGOUS cutout of a weeping angel because my sister and I are terrified of them! Good on him for being dedicated to the prank but man the first time I saw it I was terrified!

Doctor Who spans generations

Just a few years ago marked 50 years since DW originally appeared on television in Britain, not many things get to boast a half a century! In my family, we all have our favourite doctors, and they correlate directly to when we started watching the show. For example, my favourite Doctor is the Ninth Doctor, my sister’s is the Tenth Doctor and my dad’s is the Fourth Doctor. It’s amazing how the show came up with the regeneration concept (mostly because of the First Doctor, Willian Hartnell’s illness) and we’ve been able to see the same character in so many different forms for many years!

The companions make the show

Yes, the Doctor is amazing, but the companions! My personal favourite of all of the companions is Donna Noble, but Captain Jack, The Ponds, Sarah Jane and of course Rose Tyler also hold a special place in my heart! The companions keep the Doctor in check, and more importantly they show how amazing humanity actually is, seeing the news and social media make us question this daily!

Time travel is cool…

… but Doctor Who also plays as a cautionary tale on what happens when you meddle too much, and some things just can’t be changed, despite our desire to do so!

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Do you love Doctor Who? Let me know your favourite Doctor, Companions and DW memories in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda, xo

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Things – Doctor Who

  1. My favourite Doctor has to be David Tennant, not just because he was Scottish but he was so good. I wasn’t keen on the last doctor there but I’ll have to catch up on the new women Doctor as that’s sure to beat big change & I’m looking forward to that.

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