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New Mum Files – Recording Memories Doesn’t Have to be Hard, or Expensive!

Do you ever feel like sometimes as a new parent you’re in a daze, and suddenly a week has passed and all of the days have melded together? I definitely do! I also feel as if sometimes, the thought of forgetting some of the memories I relish in now, but am too busy doing the new Mum rush that I won’t have great stories to tell Baby G when he’s older, or won’t have anything to show his dad who is commuting back and forth from work!

I was making all of this too difficult in my head.

Recording memories really doesn’t have to be that hard! All you really need is a pen, paper and a smartphone really! If you are looking for a bit more than that, this is the post for you! With Christmas gifts and gift cards, I was able to make my perfect memory recording plan!

Record memories only one a week!

This is a book that I’ve talked about before, and I LOVE it! Every week, you write down something notable that happened in your life, and it’s good for five years! At a glance you can see the changes happening in your life, and what you considered notable at various stages!

Daily highlights have never been easier

My Mum had a similar calendar to this for my first year, and I was very determined to have one too! I waited until after my baby shower to order this, as you never really know what people will buy you! What I do with this calendar is I keep it hanging in our kitchen, and each day I write down what type of day it was, and something exciting that happened that day (say a visitor or a milestone), and we can all look back and laugh at how little Baby G napped for a period of time (that, fingers crossed we are reaching the end of this phase) and what made us all smile each day!

Don’t worry about holding your phone to take pictures and videos

As we’ve determined, I spend a lot of time with Baby G and Bomber by myself, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on any ‘firsts’ or wonderful moments, so I often have my phone set up in the tripod taking videos and photos throughout the day. It makes it easier for me to be part of the memory, (this article is my favourite!) rather than being behind the camera while holding it! One day we’ll have an actual camera, but for now we just have our phones!

I’m also looking for suggestions on a easy to use video editing software so I can combine my files and burn them to a DVD so I always have a hard copy – any suggestions?

Print off pictures to keep as keepsakes (and save from a digital disaster!)

I’m so wary of relying on digital copies of pictures and videos, I would DIE if I lost any of them. I am often at my local Walmart kiosk printing pictures off, some just currently sit in a box, others adorn my fridge, others are in frames, but I have them safe from a digital meltdown!

A lovely gift 

For my Baby Shower my MIL gave me a scrapbook that she made completely, just made spots for pictures, as well as a blank scrapbook with a bunch of supplies. Now, I will be honest, I haven’t touched the blank one yet, but the ready-made one gets pictures added to it regularly! While not everyone has family members who are avid scrapbookers, you can find ready-made photo books that are easy to complete, without the stress of a blank book!

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Sunday’s are for pjs and relaxing 💕

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What do YOU do to record your family’s memories? Let me know in the comments!

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One thought on “New Mum Files – Recording Memories Doesn’t Have to be Hard, or Expensive!

  1. I have a Bump to Baby Journal & it is excellent for noting weekly up dates & for scan photos. Can’t wait until baby is here to capture those special moments. Good advice on recording this & like you said it doesn’t have to be expensive. Love your Baby G & parenting posts. x


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