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New Mum Files – Baby’s First Artwork! (A how-to)

Hello everyone! So as Baby G has been hitting more milestones and becoming a very curious little boy, I decided it was time to start doing the crafts and activities I keep seeing on Pinterest that I’ve been pinning since before I was pregnant (any other ladies guilty of this?!). The first one that I decided to do was finger painting through a Ziplock Bag!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Paint (I used acrylic as that’s what I had in the house)

– Large Ziploc Bag

– Thick Paper, or Canvas (optional, see below)

– Tape

Here’s how it went:

First I added my paper to the Ziploc and squirted about a loonie sized glob of paint into the bag, I then tape the bag to the living room floor. Let me tell you, Baby G was NOT okay with that!

I then decided to let him just play with the Ziploc, he’d probably have more fun that way, and like everything else, he mostly just wanted to chew on it. I had to be super diligent to make sure he didn’t poke a hole with his tooth!

Baby G had a lot of fun scrunching up the paper and of course chewing on the bag! He actually stuck with this activity for about 20-25 minutes which shocked me! Babies don’t have very long attention spans!

After he was done, I left the Ziploc bag to the side for a while and got G ready for him nap, and went back to it after he fell asleep. I opened the Ziploc bag and very quickly came to the realization that I had used too thin of paper! As I tried to remove it from the bag, it ripped! I was devastated! Determined to get something from this first artistic attempt, I decided to cut the plastic bag open and stamp a new, blank piece of paper with the remnants, and it actually turned out quite well!

(Remember in the supplies when I said paper or canvas were optional? Try and just squirt paint into a Ziploc and cut it open and stamp your child’s artwork on a fresh piece of paper! No tears or tears!)

After the painting fully dried, I put the date and G’s name on it, and put it in a frame I had in my craft room to display proudly!

As you can see we used blue, pink, sea glass and gold sparkles! I think it turned out great!

What crafts do you like to do with your little ones! Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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