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New Mum Files – Why ‘Mommy’ Groups Aren’t for Me

Facebook. Can we all honestly raise our hands that we actually kind of hate Facebook? My personal Facebook is roughly 80% pictures of Baby G for out of town family, and my Blog’s Facebook page gets zero traffic after the Algorithm change, I’m starting to be over it.

Mainly, I’m over Mommy Groups on Facebook. Groups where we aren’t supportive to one another and anyone who has a differing opinion or parenting style is ‘endangering their child’. I’ve seen mothers bash other mothers for formula feeding (fed is best, breastfeeding is hard and I had no regrets leaving it behind!), for using disposable diapers or for starting their babies on solids slightly before 6 months.

The horror!

A few months ago, I left all but one Mommy Group that I was a part of on Facebook. The one I’ve stayed in, it’s small and I haven’t seen a single negative thing said by any of the ladies on there! They are actually supportive while we all ride the mom train! The rest of them, not so much. Someone would ask a simple question and suddenly there’s name calling a belittling from all corners!

My (least) favourite are the posts bashing C-section mothers, for not having a ‘real’ birth and taking the easy way out! C-Section Mum here – 6 months out and I still have a lot of pain and can’t do a lot of the stuff I could before I was pregnant so please spare me the ‘easy way out’ accusations when my C-section was planned for the safety of Baby G and myself! Sorry for trying to keep us both safe and alive rather than attempting a risky labour. I couldn’t even lift him in the car seat for 6 weeks, or take my dog for a pee or even drive! I was 100% dependent on other people during my initial recovery. I may never get the chance to go into labour for future pregnancies and I’m potentially going to have permanent nerve damage!

Posts that make me feel anger like above are the reason I had to leave Mommy Groups on Facebook. There is really no reason to bash and belittle people the way people do to each other online, and I started getting so worked up by these groups and these posts that it was starting to seep into my real life! When I removed them all, my feed became so much happier! If only we could cut all negativity from our lives that way!

What makes YOU angry on social media?! Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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3 thoughts on “New Mum Files – Why ‘Mommy’ Groups Aren’t for Me

  1. It’s so sad to hear that these groups aren’t supportive & it’s often a case of trying to portray being the perfect parent which is so negative & hurtful to others. C Section is not an easy way out & the recovery is so difficult. Your an absolute warrior for powering through & managing daily life as a Mum with Baby G.

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