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7 Years Ago Today, I Lost One of my Favourite People

April 2nd, 2011. It’s a date I never wanted to live, and never wish to live again, yet it is still a day that hurts so much.

April 2nd, 2011 is the day that I lost my Grandpa to a very quick acting, aggressive cancer.


Lung cancer than had metastasized to his brain. From diagnosis to April 2nd – three weeks. In three weeks I went from having two grandparents to one. He left behind his wife, five children (and their spouses), thirteen grandchildren and many friends.

The last time I had seen him well was Christmas.

I raced home from school in Nova Scotia to make it home to say goodbye to him, I only got there a few hours before he passed.

He’s missed so much. He didn’t get to see any of his grandchildren get married (two have so far), he didn’t get to meet any of his six great-grandchildren, he didn’t get to see me graduate University (though he did tell my Grandma while he was in hospital that he wanted to buy my X-Ring, which I have his initials and dates engraved on the inside) and so much more!

I just miss him so much

My Grandpa was a great man, he worked in the coal mines in the Prestwick area of Scotland, and in the late 60’s he immigrated to Canada to work for INCO mining Nickel (which is now Vale, but that’s a rant for another day) in my hometown of Thompson, Manitoba in Canada with his wife and two eldest children. He and my grandma then had three more children (my Mum included) and thirteen grandchildren from 1979-2008. He was our ‘Grumpy Grandpa’ who used his retirement payout to take the entire family to Walt Disney World in 1999 and was all about his family. I make sure I tell Baby G about him all the time and show him Grandpa’s picture – Baby G talks to him when he sees the picture I have by my bed!

Cancer sucks!

My family has felt the brunt of cancer in more cases than just my Grandpa, my Auntie Kirstie fought and won her battle with breast cancer, and we’ve lost several family members on my dad’s side to cancer (Grandma, Aunt Pam, Aunt Val, and Aunt Jan) as well as other who have fought cancer.

Together we can fight cancer and one day, families won’t have to go through this!

Every year since 2011, my family has put a team into our local Relay for Life, and this year we are doing the same! I’ve challenged myself to raise $150 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Please make a donation and help me reach my goal! http://bndfr.com/8Mzgh

Our local event is on April 28th, 2018.

Until next time,

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