12 Days of Christmas 2018

Christmas Eve Traditions

Hello everyone, Happy Christmas Eve! Today is my last post of 2018, and I’m very happy with how this 12 days of Christmas series has gone, even if I accidentally wrote 13 posts for it! (Math has never been my strong suit!). I have already brainstormed a large number of posts for 2019, and I will be taking a short break until January 3rd, which just happens to be my 30th birthday! I have a fun week of posts planned, then I’ll be reverting back to my normal schedule 🙂


I thought for my last post I would share a few traditions we’ve had as I grew up, I’d love to here yours in the comments!

1. Track Santa on NORAD

Did you know that NORAD has been tracking Santa for over 60 years! Initially, you could call in, but we’ve tracked it through their website since we started. There are videos from notable locations, and this year they are linking to Wikipedia pages to find more information about the places Santa goes! It also is a great way to get your kids to bed, because Santa won’t come if they are awake!

Head to noradsanta.org

2. Watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

I actually feel sad because I haven’t watched this movie yet this year! I’ll have to track it down, but it is a classic, and one of my dad’s favourites!

3. Have our ‘special drink’

So my extended family used to be the type to have champagne at every occasion (not so much anymore) and I guess I basically demanded I have one as well, so my mum whipped up a drink with stuff my grandparents had in their bar that I could have: ginger ale (a staple for my Grandpa), grenadine, whipped cream, sprinkles and a maraschino cherry on top. Sooo sugary but it was a nice tradition!

4. Christmas Eve Pyjamas

This stopped as we got older but we always were given our Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve, and we’d sleep in them that night.

My hopes for G

While he doesn’t really get Christmas, and we didn’t even put a tree up (because travelling most of December, the real tree we would have put up would have dried out) and he certainly doesn’t like Santa right now. I still have hopes for our Christmas Eve/Christmas traditions, here’s a few:

1. Make and give him a Christmas Eve box

We were gifted a really beautiful Christmas crate with one of his gifts, and it is absolutely perfect for a Christmas Eve box. I am planning on making him pyjamas (as I’ve already made a few pants and have my fancy new sewing machine), and putting our Christmas Eve activities in there

2. Baking Cookies for Santa

3. Coming up with a ‘special drink’ of his own

What traditions does your family have? Let me know in the comments!

Until 2019! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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