Toddler Summer Bucket List Ideas (Social Distancing friendly)

Hello everyone! I hope you have been well and staying safe! I know we are all anxious about what the world is going to look like now, and while brainstorming I decided to come up with a list of ideas for a summer bucket list that largely avoids crowded areas like parks, play places and other attractions. We’ve made the family decision to continue to avoid crowds with G, and are hoping we can still have a great summer at home!

◦ Play in a pool

◦ Run through a sprinkler

◦ Get your hands and feet (and face!) covered in mud

◦ Blow bubbles (or play with bubbles)

◦ Pick dandelions

◦ Help Mom/Dad/Grandparents in the Garden

◦ Find a worm (and make sure you put it back in the ground)

◦ Watch a bee on a flower

◦ See a dragonfly

◦ Run with a butterfly around your yard

◦ Play in the puddles after it rains

◦ Make chalk art

◦ Help fill a bird feeder

◦ Watch birds at the bird feeder

◦ Go on a family Hike

◦ Eat outside

◦ Eat different summer fruits (ex. Different types of melons)

◦ Collect rocks

◦ Make a nature box

◦ Go for a walk

◦ Play in the sand

◦ Sleep in a tent (either at home or while camping)

◦ Eat s’mores

◦ Have a BBQ

◦ Make nature art with found objects like leaves, twigs and flower petals

◦ Paint rocks and hide them in your neighbourhood for others to find

◦ Make a Fort on a rainy day

◦ Stay up late and play in the dark yard with glow sticks

◦ Spend an entire day barefoot and feel the sand/dirt/grass beneath your toes

◦ Help Mom/Dad/Grandparents/etc make fun summer desserts!

◦ Help with yard work

◦ Search for bugs in your grass

◦ Have a picnic

And I think that is all of the ideas I have right now! What would YOU add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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