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Pregnant Diaries: No, You Still Can’t Know the Sex of my Baby.


Okay, despite the meme above you can ask me when my due date is 100 million times, because that doesn’t bother me, but I’m over people asking if I’m having a boy or a girl.

Can’t anyone have any secrets anymore? 

Yes, I know that the birth of a new baby is exciting and gender reveal parties are a thing, but we would like everyone to be surprised when Bump is born! I didn’t think there would be anything wrong with that.

I. Was. Mistaken.

People have taken great offence to the fact that we won’t tell them if there is a penis or vagina growing in my belly. A few people have actually gotten mad at me for it. It’s a very weird concept to me I’ll be perfectly honest.

It shouldn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. 

If you were excited for the arrival of a baby, would that falter one way or another if you knew it was going to be a boy or a girl? It shouldn’t. Babies are wonderful, I’d say especially so when they are coming into two very big and loving families like our two families. This baby is wanted and will be spoiled and loved as if this were the only baby in the world – because that’s how our families are. Regardless of what parts this baby has or doesn’t have, they will receive the same amount of love as the other. Knowing ahead of time doesn’t change any of that.

Ultrasounds can be wrong.

I’m actually just going to leave that one there, because we all know it happens.

I’m trying not to be so negative.

I feel like I spend a lot of time on this blog series complaining, but it often feels like other people are trying to take away from my pregnant experience – and it’s starting to really bug me. We’ve even given up the two names we’ve picked (which I won’t post because my Mum doesn’t want to know and I know she’s my only consistent reader <3), and still been given a hard time about not saying which one we’re actually using.

That being said – I’m holding firm on my decision. You can all find out what my baby is when they are born! You all survived just fine before ultrasounds were able to tell, and you’ll survive this time too. I promise.

9 more weeks until my due date!

Until next time,

Amanda xo.


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