pregnant diaries

Pregnant Diaries – ow my ribs!

Dear Bump, 

Mum likes her ribs in the place they were originally intended to be, and your hands, feet and face being jammed up in there isn’t fun, okay? I am having a hard time existing at the moment, and your existence depends on my existence! Is there any chance we can get through these last 5 or so weeks in a little less pain? I’d GREATLY appreciate it! 


your (pained) Mother ❤ 

I have to say, it is really hard to feel all of the motherly love you are supposed to feel for your baby when you have constant, shooting pain in your ribs from your expanding uterus and baby parts all jammed up into there. It is hard to be a functioning adult when you can’t really take anything for the pain, you can’t use creams like Rub a535, and some stretching and exercising that may normally help are not necessarily deemed safe for pregnancy!

Of all of the ‘negative’ symptoms to pregnancy, this one has been the worst for me. 

My hip pain is under control (thank to my chiropractor! You’re the best Chelsea!), my leg cramps are few and far between and I haven’t had a real headache in months. Now I’m left with occasional Braxton Hicks and shooting rib pain – thanks Baby!

There has been a small amount of temporary relief.

Based on the advise of other mums, I’ve tried the following methods:

  1. Cat/Cow stretch
  2. Crescent Moon Stretch
  3. Heat (via magic bag)
  4. Cold (via a bag of broccoli)
  5. Laying on my side
  6. Getting Jared to “rake” my ribs

All of these feel great in the moment, but does not last long at all.


I know I’ll have to give birth for it to completely go away. 

I’m getting impatient! It’s hard to sit, being in the vehicle is actual torture and I have to lay in the most awkward position to find any relief, and I’m still 5 1/2 weeks out from my due date!

I know, I know – it’ll be worth it once my little one comes. The thing is, they aren’t here yet and I’m in pain! (Sorry Bump, if you find this blog when you are older and I’m complaining a lot – you were very hard on your mum while she was growing you, and I probably forgot because all this negativity changed the second you were born, but I’m going to assume you were more painful on the inside than the outside!)

On the plus side, I’m in my last week of work! Mat Leave starts 6 PM on Saturday!! It honestly feels like just a few weeks ago we announced I was pregnant and we had so much time to wait! Now we’re at the point where this baby could come at any point – but I hope they come closer to their due date!

It also doesn’t help when I have a 80 pound shepherd who has become a big cuddler since I became pregnant!


Mamas! What relief did you find for your third trimester aches and pains? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Amanda xo.

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