pregnant diaries

Pregnant Diaries – I’ve got that nesting feeling..


I was warned about this, but I wasn’t prepared for how frustrated I was going to feel.

A few weeks ago, my Mum and I went shopping for things for my nursery – curtains, clothing, blankets, storage bins, stuff like that. I spent the whole rest of the day frantically doing laundry and folding clothes, blankets and bedding that had either been bought that day, gifted previously or bought by Jared and I. I folded and put away everything that I washed that day, because I was too frustrated to leave any of it be.


A few weeks earlier, Jared and I made major progress on the nursery when I had a bit of a meltdown that our baby was due in two months and I had no flooring down in my nursery! Jared painted the room and laid the floor down, while I painted accessories and furniture in the garage (with his help for the change table when I couldn’t bend enough to get to some of the shelving). One day while I was at work, Jared put the baseboards on and put together the crib and loaded up the furniture and shelving we had in the room! It was a relief!

We still need to decorate and add shelving to the walls, but you’ll get a look at that after the baby comes and it is 100% finished!

I also have been busy making things for the baby, like bibs and loveys, but my most frantic day to date was about a week ago, when I completely reorganized the bathroom, scrubbed down our indoor garbage cans and made two bibs for the baby, all before noon!

I’m officially on Maternity Leave as of this week, and my goals include washing all of my cloth diapers and sewing the ones my mum used on my siblings and I into diapers (rather than the fold and pin system she used), set up all of the baby stuff we have and get used to it being around (for Bomber too), start busting through my fabric and make a bunch of baby stuff (in hopes of creating a stock to sell!), packing mine and baby’s hospital bags, and cleaning my house! I have about 4 weeks until my due date, and based on my sister and my Mum, I’m not expecting to go into labour too early! I’m sure I won’t complete this entire list because I haven’t gotten that third trimester burst of energy people have been talking about, but we’ll see!

In the meantime, I’m going to try and feel less frustrated when it comes for preparing for my baby, because all of that stress and frustrated just can’t be good for either of us!

Until next time,

Amanda xo.

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