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New Mum Files – Cloth Diapering While Flying

Hey Mommys! So as you may remember, Baby G is a cloth diaper baby! We recently took a trip to Calgary, where Baby G experienced a lot of firsts! There was also a big first for me: figuring out how to cloth diaper while flying! So I’ve come up with a few tips based on my experience!

1. Make sure you will have access to laundry on your trip

This one if probably the most important of all of the tips I can give you, if you won’t have access to laundry, then travelling while cloth diapering is not going to be a successful endeavor for you!

NOTE: you will likely need to go to a laundromat if you are staying at a hotel, many hotels don’t allow soiled clothing in their washers – but it doesn’t hurt to ask! Make sure you have coins or cash for machines!

2. Don’t assemble all of your diapers in your suitcase/diaper bag

We all know that cloth diapers are bulky when assembled. What I did was assemble 10 of my diapers for the travel day: 5 in my diaper bag (carry on for the flight) and 5 in the front of my suitcase (to switch out and grab more between flights), the rest I left disassembled in my suitcase with our clothes to be assembled when we arrived.

TIP: if you can, try to travel home with as few dirty diapers as you can! The weight of my suitcase JUMPED from the first leg of my trip to the final leg, as I had all of my dirty diapers in the suitcase – seeing they were wet, they became HEAVY. I put the liners in one wet bag and the shells in another, then wrapped them in a garbage bag just in case. 


3. Invest in disposable liners

You may be one of those people who use these on a regular basis, but I was not. I saw using any disposable products during my cloth diaper journey a fail on my part. Leading up so this trip I had two major thoughts: how will I rinse off the poop if Baby G pools while we’re on a flight? Do I really want to carry around a poopy diaper all day? Hence the disposable liners. the liners that I bought just sit between the diaper and Baby G’s bum, and lets pee flow through, but catches the poop (very well I will add!). This eliminated the imminent need to rinse my diapers while in airports and airplanes, and it could wait until we got to the hotel.

4. Wet bags are essential

Whether you buy designated wet bags, use ziploc bags or even a garbage bag – you need to protect the rest of the items in your bag from your dirty diapers! Nothing would spoil your trip quicker than a pee soaked bag from dirty diapers that weren’t stored properly! I have 3 of these wet bags that I rely on constantly!

5. It’s okay to not 100% cloth diaper

It is 100% okay to buy disposable diapers and wipes for your trip! I left my cloth wipes at home and used disposables for the first time in months, the convenience of it was just easier! The amount of change tables that were nowhere near a sink was ridiculous, and I also needed wipes for cleaning Baby G up when I fed him in airports. I also purchased a pack of disposable diapers, because heading to the laundromat was mostly a pain, so I only went once. When I ran out before we headed home, I switched to disposables, which I wasn’t going to do when I planned the trip, but I came to terms with it!

6. Have fun!

Have fun in your family trip! Your baby may be thrown off by the travelling routine and being able to keep the diapering the same will likely be comforting to your baby!


What tips do YOU have for cloth diapering while travelling? Let me know in the comments!


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