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New Mum Files – C-Section Recovery, 7 Months Post Partum

Hello everyone! So as you may remember I ended up having a scheduled cesarean section for Baby G’s birth because of his position, and a mutual decision on the safety between myself, my doctor and my hubby lead to a scheduled section when I was 39 weeks+5. I had pushed to hold off on the surgery as long as possible as I was holding out hope that G would flip into a safe position closer to my due date (which he never did) and I gave my doctor no indication that I would go into labour before my due date.

So just over 7 months ago Baby G was delivered by the calmest c-section I could possibly imagine. Everything went according to plan and we were discharged two days later so I could start healing at home! Which I have to be honest, I wasn’t prepared for. Until you have had your abdomen sliced open, you really have no idea what it’s going to feel like or how you’re going to handle it. I went from a fairly independent person, even moving around a lot and getting a lot done around the house to someone who really couldn’t do much on her own, but had to take care of a brand new baby! I was extremely lucky that Jared was able to take most of my initial recovery period off from work. I don’t know how Baby G and I would have survived that time!

How are things going now?

I am able to function on my own pretty well now, thankfully! Seeing our family is split between two provinces I am the only adult around in our house most of the time! Though I will say, 7 months on I figured I would be closer to “myself” than I am now. I have such bad pain if I have a particularly active day and every time I have tried to exercise I can barely move the next few days – this feels wrong to be. Before my pregnancy I was a BeachBody coach doing daily workouts, I was running, I could keep up to Bomber and I’m at this point where I feel really old at 29 years old! I know women who have gotten back into weightlifting and body building after their c-sections, so I’m not worried that this surgery will have essentially ended the life that I thought I would have.


April 25th, 2018 (featuring Baby G in an AMP Diaper, a fuzzy Bomber and my very painful rib tattoo!)

In terms of my scar, I am actually in love with it! I spent way too much time googling c-sections before my surgery and there are a lot of horror stories and I lot of nasty scars and that really wasn’t the way mine went at all! I do know that my surgery went so seamlessly and my scar is very minimal because it wasn’t an emergency and I hadn’t gone into labour and been rushed into the operating room. It wasn’t anywhere near my birth plan, but after going home and having a good cry after my OBGYN informed me that this is what she was thinking was the safest option, I swallowed my pride and had an amazing birth experience!

I’ve become outspoken about c-sections

If you read my post about my aversion to Mommy Groups, you’ll know that there are women who try to belittle mothers who have had a c-section because they see it as the “easy way out” (which it really isn’t!) and that these women “haven’t given birth” (which confuses me because your baby is on the earth side, so they have been born). The most frustrating part of this is I have had so many people that tell me it’s a shame that I didn’t get the chance to push, and to at least try for a vaginal birth. I get so offended at this as we had decided with my OBGYN that Baby G’s position just wasn’t safe to attempt pushing, and our goal was to get G on Earth side without any complications for either of us. I don’t see why it’s a shame that I chose G and I’s safety over my desire for a natural birth.

My goals

I find that it is so difficult to set and keep goals when your days are dictated by a little person who has no patience and cannot be persuaded by logic, but I will try. My main goals are:

  • Spend more time moving, now that the weather is better I want to go for walks daily
  • Work towards getting back into working out and exercising
  • Take Baby G to the pool more often
  • Make more time to see friends
  • Spend time in the sun as often as possible!
  • Schedule big hikes with Bomber and Baby G at least once a month

What tips do YOU have for c-section recovery? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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