Summer Highlights: Assiniboine Park & Zoo

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing day! I wanted to share one of the highlights of our summer here on the blog! As you may know, our family was living in different provinces for several months! So we weren’t all together as often as we were used to! In July, we met in Winnipeg for a little mini-vacation and two of the days we spent at Assiniboine Park & Zoo!

For those who are not familiar with Winnipeg or the park itself, it is a huge section of Winnipeg with a ton to do! Great for families who don’t want to be driving all over the city! It features the zoo, field space, an amazing kid’s nature park, a working steam train and hosts quite a few festivals and other events! There are also hiking trails and a golf course near by!

Now onto our visit. As I said, we spent two days over in the Assiniboine Park area, and while G had a good time, we can’t wait to take him back when he’s a bit older! We had actually planned on taking G to the massive pay your age sale at Build-a-Bear that day before the zoo, but a kind stranger in the parking lot told us how big the line was, and we packed back into the car and headed straight to the zoo, getting there early before the crowds and the heat of the day!

We had such a fun time at the Zoo! While G was not so sure at first about looking at the animals, very early on we came across one of the peacocks that wanders the grounds and when it fanned it feathers and squawked at G, he thought it was HILARIOUS! I wish I had caught it on video, but I’m trying to live moments in person rather than through my phone!


The highlights for G were definitely the polar bears and seals that we could go in the tunnel and watch swim above us!


We also had a lot of fun at the Xtreme Bugs exhibit, though G fell asleep to all of the buzzing!


We also really enjoyed the Butterfly Garden though G slept entirely through that as well!


The next day, we went back to the area and spent a few hours in the Assiniboine Park section. While there wasn’t as much to do with a child as young as G, it was nice to walk around the grounds and spend some time in the sun! If you have kids who are walking, I highly recommend checking out the Nature Playground, it was so cool! G was just too small for the play structures. We also unfortunately missed out on the Steam Train (which we always went on when my siblings and I were little) but we enjoyed the day none the less, we watched ducks, had lunch, went to the English Gardens and walked the trails while G slept away in his stroller.





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