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G’s First Birthday!

G is One. Yes, you read that right, my baby is one! I remember when I announced my pregnancy to all of you and it just seems like yesterday that we announced his arrival, but it is true what they say, the nights are long but the days are short. Time flies when you are taking care of a baby! Before I make myself cry thinking about how big my boy is becoming, and how eventually he won’t want my help for everything, I’ll move on with telling you about his birthday celebrations!


We did G’s birthday in two parts – a few weeks before his actual birthday we had a party with our friends and families in Manitoba, the next day we moved to Alberta! The second part was just the three of us on his actual birthday, where we took him to West Edmonton Mall for the day to spend his birthday money and go to Build-A-Bear. He had such a great time at both, though he didn’t really understand all of the fuss!

The Party

Mums let’s be honest, our baby’s first birthday party isn’t really for them, they don’t get the fuss of birthdays, often don’t want to participate in opening presents and don’t want to stay still for any amount of time. Their birthday party is for us – a congratulations for surviving the first year of being their mother, it was hard at times but you did it! I spent months thinking about this party, picking out the perfect outfit, decorations and cake. The bustle of packing and getting ready to move among  the party planning ended up making the affair a little more low-key than I was hoping, but he had fun and we got to see most of our family before we left, so that is really all that matters. I decided against going for a themed party, and instead decided not to waste a theme he may ask for later (I’m really hoping for a Thomas party when he turns two) and opted for blue and silver decorations!


With the exception of the table cloth backdrop (which I picked up at our local dollar store), I got the rest of these as a decoration pack off amazon, and I made the “ONE” banner out of poster board.


Cake topper purchased on Etsy. For G’s smash cake.


Cupcake toppers made by me, inspired by this post at Her Happy Heart.


His birthday outfit, I had the pants from another outfit, but the shirt came from Etsy.

G really enjoyed his party (especially playing with the cards that came with his gifts and snuggling in the blanket his aunt made for him)



He has been having a lot of fun with his gifts! Once we get him a helmet (finding a helmet that fits a one year old is harder than you’d think), he’ll have tons of fun on the balance bike Jared and I gave to him


The best part of his party though, the cake smash! He was unsure at first but once he got into it he LOVED IT!




All in all, it was a great party!

His actual birthday

As I said above, we celebrated his actual birthday by heading into Edmonton and heading to West Edmonton Mall, it was my first time there, and it was a good day!

We started the day with balloons and pumpkin pancakes (which he hated)


Our main goal was to spend G’s birthday money (quite a few people gave us cash or gift cards so we wouldn’t have to pack another thing). Our main goal was to head down to Build-A-Bear, they have a birthday special where you pay the age of the child celebrating the birthday, so we got a $1 bear! We also had a few Build-A-Bear gift cards, so G picked out an outfit for his bear, meet Dark Helmet (can you guess what movie his dad loves?)


Shirt from Wish

For the Birthday Special at Build-A-Bear, you get a special bear, a special birthday wish, a crown, your picture with their birthday cupcake, you get to ring the bell and everyone in the store wishes you happy birthday! Pretty great deal when you aren’t actually spending that much money!



We had a great day, picking out new toys, clothes and books for G, and we all slept great that night!

While it is hard for me to have a one year old, G had two great birthday days, and we have loved this past year being his parents!

What did YOU do for your child’s/your own last birthday? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “G’s First Birthday!

  1. I remember following you last year just before you had G & I feel like it’s flown in. I can’t believe he’s 1 and I’m taking pointers for Caleb’s 1st in May – let the planning begin 😂. I loved that you guys celebrated his Birthday twice & you must have been busy with the move as welll as this. I love his Darth Vader Build a Bear.

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