12 Days of Christmas 2018

5 Ways to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive This Season!

Hello everyone! Do you ever feel like you’re ‘Christmas’d out’ before you reach the actual holiday? I know I often do, with Christmas parties, baking, events, visiting family and preparing, it’s a stressful time! I’ve come up with a list of simple things to help you and your kids stay in the spirit of the holiday, that are perfect for those last few days before Christmas!

1. Call Santa with this FREE App

If you have a small child that wouldn’t realize that every time they called Santa it was an identical conversation, this app is perfect! You can video call Santa and it saves ALL videos for you to look back and share!

Download Video Call Santa HERE.

2. ‘Catch’ Santa on Christmas Eve

This free app with in-app purchases is perfect for catching a picture of Santa to show your kids on Christmas morning, we hosted Christmas morning at our house last year, and I took a picture and added one of the free Santa’s to the picture and my 6 year old niece still talks about it!

Download it HERE.

3. Track Santa on Christmas Eve with NORAD!

This has seriously always been one of my favourite parts of Christmas Eve for our family, and I plan on keeping up the tradition with G! NORAD does such an amazing job tracking Santa each year, with perfectly timed routes and videos for major stops, you’ll be able to convince your kids they *have* to go to bed when Santa reaches your region, otherwise he might not come if they’re awake!

NORAD now has an app, download it HERE.

4. Participate in Christmas events in your town

Most places have such a high number of Christmas events going on in November and December. From craft sales, Christmas concerts, parades and light displays, there are lots of great opportunities to participate in community events (often for free or low cost) and get into the holiday spirit!

5. Relive some of your childhood Christmas traditions with your kids, or make up some new ones together!

Remember all of the great times you had as a child with your family? Why not recreate your favourite activities? Don’t have anything you want to recreate? Start something new! Whether it be going and picking out a Christmas tree together, having a Christmas movie marathon, doing Christmas dance parties or making a new handmade ornament every year, your family can creat great memories that will last your children a lifetime!

How do YOU keep the Christmas spirit alive each season while keeping up with all of the hustle and bustle? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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